Monitor, analyze, win!

Monitor, analyze, win!


Internet of Things (IoT) solutions ensure the proper functioning of your equipment.

Inion monitoring system consisting of:

Inion controllers – collect information from various devices and transfer information to cloud server. Interface with various communication protocols (Ethernet, Modbus TCP / IP and RS485 RTU, etc.).

Inion Cloud Server – Analyzes information, sends control commands to Inion controllers. Equipment parameters are displayed and control is performed in real time. Graphical user interface is prepared for every client according to their needs, works in web browser.


Reports are generated to responsible persons according to their needs (daily, weekly, monthly).

  • Increasing productivity: optimizing the production process
  • Cost saving: reduction of raw material usage, energy saving
  • Fault / accident prevention: reducing downtime, reporting worn out parts
  • Recording of working time: working time, pause, breaks
  • Archive of most important production datas: possibility to track causes of faulty production, compare different production periods
  • Remote monitoring and control: real-time display of device parameters
  • Implementing LEAN processes: measuring and archiving LEAN production indicators
  • Emergency alert: send emergency messages via SMS or email
Inion monitoringo sistemos schema

Inion solar power plant controllers and software

Solar plant controllers:

Saulės elektrinių valdikliai

Solar One 30

Controller for small solar plants up to 30 kW
The best choice for private home solar power plants owners

Solar One 100

Controller for medium solar plants up to 100 kW
The best solution is to connect several inverters and control solar power plants

Solar One 1000

For solar plants of unlimited size
High-function controller for large solar power plants or complex control functions

Software InView Sun:

InView Sun Free

Free version showing how your power plant works.
For power plants up to 30 kW

InView Sun Basic

Solar power plant detailed analysis, malfunction notification via email.
For power plants up to 100 kW

InView Sun Pro

Deep solar power plant analysis, artificial intelligence algorithm analyzing and predicting power plant operation.
Unlimited power plants

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Other monitoring and management solutions

– Industry

– Hospitals

– Biolabs

– Control of electric vehicle charging stations

Solutions for the industry:

Solutions for hospitals and biolabs:

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